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Credentials do not match error
Last Updated 2 years ago

There are number of reasons why you may get the error above, 

1. The first possibility is wrong password

  • Go to login button on the website
  • Click on I forgot the password
  • Enter your email and click on send password reset link
  • Go to your email and open password reset email and follow instructions  

2. The second possibility is wrong email

  • Go to about us menu
  • Click on track certificate feature
  • Enter your ID number and click on search
  • On the search results check and confirm account email whether it is the correct email.
  • If the email is not correct, reach out to support to correct email or login with it as it is. 

3. Last possibility is not registered at all

  • If the above options do not work for you then you might not be registered on the system
  • If the track certificate does not return your details, reach out to Support for assistance 

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